Northern Coast, Ireland


This year is a pretty big one for me.  I turn 30!  I have been trying to figure out a fun thing to do for this big occasion, and it came to me.  I have been wanting to see Fleetwood Mac ever since they started touring again and I just never had a window that […]



June 6, 2015 my brother got married!!!  It was such a fun and amazing wedding setting.  We had so many friends and family join, and they came from all over the USA.  Kelsey is a wonderful, strong female that I happy to call my sister.  Welcome to our crazy family!!!



My first trip to AK!!!  I was so excited to finally be going to AK and to do some real snowboarding.  This experience was unforgettable and left me wanting more.  Being in this new environment was stimulating, stressful, nerve-racking, but also calming and surreal.  There were a lot of emotions everyday when I was standing […]


X-Games 2015/ 9TH GOLD

  X Games 2015 was a great stop for me this year!  The X Course can be nerve-racking when you first roll up to inspect.  The jumps and gaps are by far the biggest we see all year on tour, and is garenteed to be an intense race.  Like every race you have your time […]