Derby Day

Happy Derby Day!  Ok, so I was not in Kentucky, but I was at the next big thing, the derby party at High West Distillery in Park City.  This was the last event the restaurant put on before they went on spring break and it was a huge success.  High West had a huge screen […]


Protective Gear Required

Today I went to the RAMP Sports factory where I got to make the very first snowboard in the US factory, right here in Park City, UT.  It is nice to have a homemade product, and even more exciting that I was involved with the process.  I had to wear protective gear because there was […]

LindseyandBrooke Cute Bags

Need really cute, affordable Christmas presents….just started working with this new charity, and one Daakye purse funds one child’s education for one week in Ghana, Africa. Visit Like them on Facebook!”.  In this shot is Brooke Shaw and Gidget (in the bag)


Surf trip to Fiji

Here are some shot from Tavarua Right and Swimming Pools