Lay-over in FIJI

It did not cost any extra money to have our ticket go through Fiji, so a few of my team mates said sure lets stop there.  We flew into Nadi and stayed in Sonaisali Resort.  We were there for 6 days and had a great time surfing Cloudbreak, Wilks, Taverua Right, and Swimming pools.  The water was amazingly clear and the sun was so strong, even on a cloudy day. You had to lather... Read More

Birthday Trip down to Florida

I wanted to spend my B Day in Florida and with my boyfriend.  We went out to the disappearing island near Ponce inlet and hung out all day in the sun.  It was so simple and perfect, I could not have asked for a better day, oh I also had breakfast in bed.  Great way to start the day!  On Monday we went to Bush Gardens amusement park.  There were no lines and was the best time... Read More


After doing a casting of my boobies last summer, an artist finally picked my cast to paint.  Then the cast is sold or auctioned off to raise money for breast cancer research.  My cast went for $600.  This is a really cool organization to be apart of and I hope if you have a loved one you make sure that they are getting there regular check ups, because early detection is key.... Read More

Weekend on the boat

Since I am not in CT for the summers anymore I don’t get to be on the boat that often.  So when I come back to visit I really enjoy the time I get to spend on the water and with friends.  The weather was a little dicy this past weekend but it was still really fun.  We had to hang out under the bridge until the weather cleared out, then it turned out to be a great day on... Read More


Jesse and I took a trip to SeaWorld at the end of the month.  Last time I went there was when I was three years old, so it was time to revisit.  There was a great deal for an entry price if you had a AAA card.  Jesse and I took advantage of that offer and strategically saw as much as we could in five hours.  We saw three shows, Shamu, dolphins, and Sea lions.  Saw all the cool... Read More

AMIE’S Birthday – PIRATES!!!!!

Happy Birthday Amie!  She wanted to have a huge pirate theme party so we set up the house and made it as authentic as we could.  We had friends from work, snowboarding and family come hang out.  It was a blast.  Beer pong, flip cup, ring toss and I think someone was using the treadmill for something?  ARRRRRG!!!!! #gallery-5 { margin: auto; } #gallery-5... Read More


I look forward to opening day every year.  This is my third year attending and it never gets old.  People come up with the craziest hats and outfits and it is totally acceptable because it is opening day.  I met up with some friends and family and placed some bets.  I won a little money but considering the money I spent on my dress to wear that day I did not break even, Ha.... Read More

Nate’s Wedding

My teammate Nate Holland got married this month in Truckee, and Benny (my brother) and I few out to be a part of the day.  There was a lot to do there in the summer and my brother and I enjoyed rafting down the river, wine tasting, and much more.  I have not seen my brother in a while so it was nice to see him and have a cool function to be a part of, it was like killing two... Read More


Last week of May, Jesse, Brooke, Spencer and I went to Moab.  We have never been there before and we were very excited to see the rock structures and go on all of the hikes that were advertised.  Gidget came along as well, but she was not allowed to go on some of the hikes.  We still found great hikes and enjoyed many sites as we wandered through the trails.  Gidget gets so... Read More

Maymester and Center of Excellence

  For the month of May I will be living in Park City, UT so I can be at the Center of Excellence (COE) everyday to workout and do therapy and take a class at Westminster.  My day consist of swimming for a hour then get to the gym by 8 am and work out for two hours, then do therapy for an hour.  After all of that work I replenish myself with a USANA protein shake and continue... Read More