World Champs 2015/ 4TH Gold


In January, Austria is usually a great time to find some amazing snow conditions.  This year was a little tricky.  World champs just happened to be our first event of the season because of the lack of snow in the US as well as our other training locations.  A couple events were even cancelled in the early season.  This made it a little crazy; to go into one of the biggest events of the season with no other races before, not an ideal situation.  Luckily, the coarse was very similar conditions to the EAST COAST!!!  For those of you who don’t know the east coast has some of the most challenging conditions to ride, like ICE, and can make it difficult to adjust.  The snow was solid ice with the powdered sugar snow that piles up on top.  This makes the race path vary in condition and texture.  Kind of like the shaved ice you had as a kid, with the syrup flavor…..  Not fun to ride or race on.  I felt this gave me a great advantage to other competitors and I loved the course.  It was technical,  had great bank turns and had a gap filled with water at the second to last feature.  Once you crossed the finish you had to stop as fast as you could because the snow jut ended!!!  The day after the race it started to rain hard and we were glad to be leaving.  Success at World Champs!!!