Argentina, End of the World….

DCIM100GOPROAfter an Olympic season, there is not always the biggest budget to go to your next training camp.  So I decided to travel with my former high school coach, Ross Hindman, and train with him down in Argentina.  I wanted to play around with new board designs and lengths and thought this would be a great time to do this before getting to into the heat of the season. All the way down at the southern tip of Argentina, in the Patagonia Mountain range was our destination. The weather was variable, we had everything; sun, snow, and a wintery mix.  It was spring conditions down there and you never knew what the next day would bring.  I got some great info of new board designs and sent it to my tech, Curtis Bacca and to Kessler (my race deck sponsor).  With all of that data we can create a board that is specific to my needs and will be a dominant force.