Lay-over in FIJI

It did not cost any extra money to have our ticket go through Fiji, so a few of my team mates said sure lets stop there.  We flew into Nadi and stayed in Sonaisali Resort.  We were there for 6 days and had a great time surfing Cloudbreak, Wilks, Taverua Right, and Swimming pools.  The water was amazingly clear and the sun was so strong, even on a cloudy day. You had to lather a crazy amount of sunscreen on yourself if you did not want to get burned, some of my team mates were not so lucky.  My knee was feeling good in the warm water but I still needed to wear my brace, don’t want any set backs.  Looking down at the reef right when you are dropping into a wave is a beautiful but scary moment.  The water can be so shallow in places, and you can make out every detail and color in the reef, but can lead to a wonderful ride down the wave.  Here are some pictures snorkeling, and I even saw a small black tip reef shark. I did not get a picture because I was scared and swam away. Ha.